Lego: Made to connect
A campaign for diversity
Lego draws attention to the problem of racism and inclusion by building an unexpected art installation and releasing a limited edition of Lego blocks.

Lego offers a fresh perspective on the problem of racism.
Like Lego blocks, people come in different shapes and colors.
Similarly, a single Lego lacks purpose and only works when put together with other blocks.

First. We create media buzz
Art installation "The missing piece"
Lego will construct an "incomplete" bridge entirely out of huge Lego blocks in Sedona, Arizona.
The gap in the bridge delivers a message that society limits its potential when choosing to exclude people of different races.
Special edition Legos
A limited release of special edition Lego blocks of unusual shape.
Lego blocks like people come in different shapes and colors.
We are used to only one Lego shape but even Legos can be diverse.
These will be offered as expansion packs to enhance and diversify people's existing Lego collections.

Creative team: Smitha Johnson (CW), Sebastian Ponce (AD), Diana Tokareva (AD)