Pornhub tackles the need for proper sex education through the person we trust the most, moms.
Specifically, MILFs.
The need to provide comprehensive sex education has been the topic of many debates, unfortunately with no consensus in sight. The task of providing sex education often falls onto parents, which isn't exactly a conversation many are willing to have around the dinner table.

This leads to young people turning to the internet for all their sex-related questions, which can lead to inaccurate or misguided advice. So what can Pornhub do about it?

With over 150 million visits per day, Pornhub has the potential to not only raise awareness for proper sex education but become a global platform for it.

Pornhub presents
MILF: Mom I'd Learn From.
It's a series of fun but educational videos comprised of famous MILFs, in their role as mothers, educating users by answering some of the most common sex questions on the internet.

Pornhub will create a banner ad on the Pornhub site that when clicked on will lead the user to a landing page dedicated to sex education.

So what will these videos look like?

Famous MILF performers will star in a series of formal interview style videos tackling the most common sex questions and providing advice on how parents can have a constructive conversation about sex. Teachers will be answering most popular questions about sex from Google.

Creative Team: Hanai Garcia (CW), Diana Tokareva (AD)