Improving Information Architecture and Adding New Features to Blind Mobile App
Blind is a popular community of verified by company email users, where they can share thoughts, questions, ask for advice, compare salaries or talk about anything else anonymously. Blind wants to give a more user-centric approach to its app, changing existing and adding new features that will bring a more positive experience for its users. The anonymity of the app has a downside - toxicity of the community. My team will be tackling this problem.
The Challenge
The Outcome
A high-fidelity prototype that highlights new features such as Mentoring, as well as improved information architecture experience.
Project Scope:
Mobile App


3 UX Designers

2 weeks
"Discuss workplaces anonymously"
Blind is a safe, trusted community where 4.1M+ professionals worldwide share salary, company reviews, interview experiences anonymously. People use it to elevate careers, express thoughts, and move towards building a more transparent work culture.
Design Process
User Interviews
Market Research
Competitive Analysis
Comparative Analysis
Journey Map
Problem Statement
How-Might-We Questions
User Flows

Mid-Fidelity Prototype
Usability Testing
High-Fidelity Prototype
Next Steps
Microsoft 84K users

Amazon 83.3K users

Google 36.4K users

Facebook 30.3K users

Uber 21K users

Salesforce 12K users

PayPal 7K from users

Capital One 6K users

Deloitte 5K users

EY 4K users

Who uses Blind?
Research Goals:
1. Compare and research competitors in similar apps.
2. Identify target audience and their main pain points.
3. Uncover how to attract more people to Blind by creating new useful features.
4. Uncover frustrations of current Blind users.
Competitive Analysis
We started our research with comparing Blind with its main competitors:
Fishbowl (professional anonymous network)
Glassdoor (anonymous reviews about employers)
Reddit (biggest community platform for discussing any topic, including jobs).
Comparative Analysis
Our comparative analysis was focused on social apps that provide
best community experience for their users. Twitter, Facebook and Quora
are know to be best in class for these features.
User Interviews
Company Research
Career Advice
In total, 5 participants were interviewed about:
  • Salary comparison
  • Industry research
  • Networking in a workplace
  • Platform use
I was once approached by company that matches mentors and mentees. I was very interested, because I want to help people.
If I'm looking for a job the
thing I'm most curious about
is like workplace culture and
empoyee benefits.
Blind Users Feedback
We decided to make deeper research by asking Blind users their feedback directly on the app. We created a post with questions and received very valuable information from users.

    After reviewing all replies, we emphasized main challenges of the app:
    • Toxic environment
    • Lack of organization
    • Poor information architecture
    • Boring design
    • Repetitive questions/posts
    • Lack of content moderation
    User Persona
    Defining the Problem
    Michael needs a way to help people in his professional network because he wants to use his experience for good purposes.
    • How might we help Michael find his purpose in work and life?
        • How might we connect Michael to a community with support in the workplace?
              • How might we connect Michael with people who are looking for career development?
              Information Architecture
              Reorganize information architecture and change filters
              New Mentorship Feature
              Counter balance the toxic culture within the Blind community by adding the mentorship feature
              Journey Map
              Scenario: Michael is looking for a way to find mentorship apps. He doesn't know where to look, but then he finds Blind new feature. He's finding his first mentee.

              Michelle's most frustrating point is where
              he doesn't know where to find people who need his career advice.
              Mid-fidelity wireframes
              Wireframes showing redesigned filter feature to make search more efficient.
              Wireframes showing new feature in Blind app - mentorship.
              Usability Testing
              • Didn't understand "keywords" filter

              • Heart icon was confusing, preferred a confirm button

              • Didn't understand "TC or YOE" meaning

              • Couldn't find the M button for mentor

              User Feedback
              User Feedback
              • Home button does not work
              • Didn't know what the "Toxic" button was
              • "Post Screen" needs more spacing
              • Really likes aesthetic of dark mode
              User Feedback
              • User tried using hamburger menu to start
              • Mentor user flow reminded tester of a dating app
              • Tester wanted more info about potential mentees
              • Back button is too small and close to other icons
              All user feedback was used to create final prototype after four rounds of irtations.
              User Feedback Final Round
              We did 4 rounds of usability testing and iterations. 10 users tested our prototype.
              We asked them to complete two tasks:
              1) Find a post about interviews in Meta using filters.
              2) Create a Mentor profile, find a mentee and start the chat.

              Design Decisions
              High-fidelity Wireframes
              Final Prototype